Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Review // Catrice: Prime and Fine - Professional Contouring Palette (010 Ashy Radiance)

The Catrice Professional Contouring Palette is something I had been wanting to pick up for the longest time! So when I finally spotted it in Penneys (Newbridge) I whipped it up. You'll have to look for one of the larger Catrice stands to find this as, annoyingly, the smaller ones don't seem to be carrying it yet.

There are two shades available '010 Ashy Radiance' and '020 Warm Harmony'. I went for Ashy Radiance, the cooler of the two as I'm quite pale and felt it would be a much better match for me and for contouring in general.
The packaging is much the same as the 'Absolute' eyeshadow palettes, black, with a clear plastic lid and silver writing on the front. It also has a pictorial on the back showing where to place both powders. Great for those new to contouring! The product is also divided in my favourite way, 1/3 highlighter and 2/3 contour.

The highlight shade is a light neutral/slightly pink toned shade that's very finely milled. It's not overly pigmented so is very natural and subtle to start off, but can be built up to a more intense highlight. This is a perfect for a natural daytime look as it doesn't contain any glitter particles so you won't look like a disco ball!

The contour shade really impressed me! I usually go between (and mix) the NYX blush in the shade 'Taupe' (which is very cool toned) and the Sleek Contour Kit in 'Light' (which leans a little warmer) depending on whether I'm tanned or not, but the Catrice contour shade is the perfect balance between the two!  It's quite pigmented so a little goes a long way, but it blends out beautifully, so no need to worry about stripes or patches on your visage!

One thing I will note about the contour shades is that it kicks up quite a bit of fallout within the pan, nothing that will cause any major problems but it's worth tapping off the excess from the brush before applying.   Both shades wear quite well on me considering I have the oiliest skin! So I think this contour kit is well worth a shot and at less that €6 I don't think you'll be sorry for picking it up! 

Have you guys tried it? Let me know what you think!


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