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Masterclass // Pro Makeup Masterclass w/ Siobhán McDonnell and Hayley Coleman

Hey guys, back in March I went to a Makeup Masterclass held by the lovely Siobhán McDonnell and the equally lovely Hayley Coleman in the G Hotel in Galway (you can read all about it here). I absolutely loved the class and when the girls announced another one I bought my ticket ASAP!

This Masterclass took place on the 14th June in the G Hotel which focused on how to achieve long lasting heatproof makeup, summer trends and festival makeup tips. I don't do well in heat, neither does my oily face, so I needed to be there!

This time the Masterclass started an hour earlier (1 pm) so we could all chill out and chat throughout and not have to worry about running short of time. We were all in a different room, just off the main reception area and the setup was fantastic and beautifully laid out! And like the previous masterclass, we were all supplied with plenty of refreshments, pens and paper and a goodie bag (or 2!), but more on that later!

The day started with Siobhán and Hayley introducing themselves and talking a little bit about their background in the beauty and makeup industry and then Siobhán got to business by taking us through some common skincare concerns and products she uses and recommends! She also talked about how important SPF is not only during the summer months but all year round and also the order in which skin care products should be applied.

She then started to work her magic on the stunning model Tara, who is the current Miss Mayo! Siobhán first prepped the skin and began working on Tara's base and brows using products from Urban Decay, Mac and brushes from Real Techniques and Blank Canvas Cosmetics (who was one of the sponsors for the day!). 

After Siobhán had finished we are all absolutely spoilt with some amazing treats! Sweets, jellies, crisps, lemonade and genuinely the best cupcakes I've ever eaten! They're by Enrica's Cafe in Westport, Mayo. Seriously if your ever in Westport, get over there and grab a cupcake! 

After we stuffed ourselves, Hayley took over and started to do a bronzed summer-appropriate look on Tara. She used beautiful brown and gold shades on the eye, kept the skin warm and glowy and opted for a nude lip.
Hayley used some of her favourite products for the look including MAC Pro Longwear Shadow in Uninterrupted, MAC MSF in Give Me Sun and some Red Cherry Lashes.

Hayleys' finished look with nude lips!

Now it was time to incorporate the festival element into the look, so Siobhán used her Kryolin Cream Color palette and MAC's Fascinating Eye Pencil to draw a festival inspired flower design on the side of Tara's face.

Before the Masterclass ended, Hayley decided to change up the lips to a much more bright and vibrant shade. She used MAC's 'Lasting Sensation' lip liner and 'Make Me Gorgeous' lipstick. Here's the finished look! The girls then finished the evening with some giveaways!

Here's a sneaky shot of some of the products both Siobhán and Hayley used on Tara....

...and here's some of the giveaway prizes!

Now onto the goodie bag, because I know you're all thirsty to know what we got! Siobhán and Hayley blew it out of the water with the goodie bags! They (plural!) were packed with amazing products! We were showered with goodies from Blank Canvas Cosmetics, Isa Dora, bBold Tan and Redz Hair Design and Beauty Bar (which included products from K-Pak, GlamGlow and Alfaparf Milano) and some perfume samples!

Have you ever seen a goodie bag as drool-worthy as this?

If you've ever been sitting on the fence about going to one of Siobhán and Hayley's Masterclasses before, I say go for it! 100%! They're both so unbelievably nice and welcoming and really take the time to listen and give advice and recommendations based on years of experience! I really can't recommend their Masterclass enough!

I want to personally say a HUGE THANK YOU to both ladies! You've both outdone yourselves on this one and also a Thank You to all the wonderful sponsors for the amazing products in our goodie bags!

Siobhán mentioned that the next one will be more of a seminar style day talking about the industry in more detail, It'll be held later on in the year, but that's all I know for now. As soon as I find out more I'll let ye all know in a little blog post! After I've secured my ticket of course!

Hope you enjoyed guys and go follow Siobhán and Hayley on all their social media platforms! You won't regret it!

Siobhán: Youtube - Instagram - Twitter - Facebook - Blog
Hayley: Youtube - Instagram - Twitter - Facebook - Blog

X Cint X

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